Walking On A Chance - Album (Deluxe Version)

We are thrilled to finally reveal that our debut album, Walking On A Chance, will be released on November 23rd in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. For those with iTunes in their market, you can now pre-order the deluxe version (including two additional tracks!) here: http://umusic.ly/WalkingDeluxe. If you don't have iTunes in your market feel free to follow the link anyway to get the 90 second preview of all tracks.

Walking On A Chance is our opportunity to show the world how we express ourselves, our ideas and purpose. It is a genuine pop album and its songs are characterized by their personal and sincere lyrics. They descrie human relations, uncover injustices and celebrate love, longing and hope. Zebra Dots, or rather our musical language, is a reflection of the outside world. This world can sometimes be grim and unfair, but it is alaso generous and offers you amazing opportunities.

Thanks for all your support - we are so excited!

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