The story of ZEBRA DOTS began with a coincidental encounter of two talented and established musicians from Slovenia and Croatia. The internationally recognized producer and beat master Koolade (Masta Ace, Ghostface Killah, Das Efx, EMC …) and the versatile drummer Ivo Rimc (Demolition Group, Leeloojamais and many other well known artists) met in a studio during a recording session for another musical project. Playing one song was enough for them to feel that their creative chemistry and musical influences were very much alike. They met at a point in their lives when they were both trying to figure out how to infuse their talent and experience into a musical force that would stop the world in its track, at least for a moment.

After only a couple of sessions in the studio, their first ideas were transformed into vibrant music that had been waiting a long time for the right moment to dazzle its audiences. Soon they invited Jernej Kržič (bass) and Erik Marenče (keyboards) to join them. Together they combined their influences, ranging from hip hop, funk, fusion otsoul, jazz and pop, into an incredibly vivid and organic sound. When Andraž Mazi (guitar) and Alexandra Danilova (vocal) joined this enthusiastic group of musicians, the space between Ljubljana and Zagreb was suddenly filled with a positive flow of creative energy. The members enriched this creative flow with their own personalities as well as their individual artistic expressions and captured it masterfully in their highly anticipated debut album. The album will send a message to the musical world: Pop music can still surprise you and define new dimensions.

“Our name is synonymous for our music,” says Koolade, singer and producer of ZEBRA DOTS. “ZEBRA DOTS is something new, something that has not existed yet and came into existence with our band. It represents our spontaneous path, our friendship and unique creative process. All that is reflected in our melodies, lyrics and, of course, in our live performances.”

Their first single ‘Walking On A Chance’ was released on October 5th. It is a vibrant and energetic anthem that is not a slave to current musical trends but goes its own way in the world of Pop and could very well mark the beginning of a new and popular subgenre of Pop music.

The ZEBRA DOTS are...

Alexandra Danilova -- vocal
Koolade -- vocal & talkbox
Ivo Rimc -- drums
Andraž Mazi -- guitar
Erik Marenče -- keyboards
Jernej Kržič -- bass

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